Grapjes over Russisch vertalen en de Russische taal.


A firm experimenting with an electronic brain designed to translate English into Russian fed into it the words: “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

The machine immediately responded with a sentence in Russian which meant, a linguist reported: “The whisky is agreeable but the meat has gone bad.”


Teacher – “Who can tell me what the former ruler of Russia was called?”
Class (in unison) – “Tsar.”
Teacher – “Correct; and what was his wife called?”
Class – “Tsarina.”
Teacher – “What were the tsar’s children called?”

    There was a pause, and then a timid voice in the rear piped up: “Tsardines!”


Mother praises her sun: “Bobby wishes to study Russian. He already knows some Russian words.”

    “Which words?”, asked her neighbor.
    “Blip, blip, blip.”


A lady gave a reception to a group of college students. Among those present was a Russian student who had studied a book of etiquette. Handed a cup of tea, he said:

    “Thank you, sir or madam, as the case may be.”


Mrs. Newrich – “I want you to teach my son a foreign language.”
Professor – “Certainly, madam, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian – ?”
Mrs. Newrich – “Which is the most foreign?”


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